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‎¡HOLA! Barcelona, a shortlist of the cafes and restaurants to write and read

‎¡HOLA! Barcelona, a shortlist of the cafes and restaurants to write and read

The last stop during my Summer ’17 trip was BARCELONAAAA (you have to say it out loud like Freddie sang the song with his unbelievable voice 👑). Did I save the best for last? I don’t know..I truly enjoyed every city and its own history and stories. Barcelona has been on top of my ‘must-visit’ list, and I was not disappointed. After all, the city with the second-best football club in the world is located no way it would be boring and dull right 😉? The city center itself is really REALLY crowded, which reminded me of Amsterdam, filled with tourists.

I felt and shared the frustration with a few citizens, which I totally understood. But behind all the selfie sticks, tourist groups, and segways (why?! just walk), you can find all the places that make Barcelona such a popular place to visit.

Like in every city during my holiday, I did most of the traveling by foot, you see so much more when walking around instead of taking the underground. On my first day, I found Flax&Kale, my god that menu! But more about that restaurant below.

There were many vegan places to visit, too many for me to visit during my 4 days stay. So yeah, sharing my love for Barcelona together with one of my best friends, makes it an even more logical decision for me/us to go back right? Plus all the tickets for the Gaudi experience were sold out (short noticed planning has its downside).

So I have to go back anyway. Barcelona, Barcelona, Barcelona..have you been before?

Flax & Kale

Flax & Kale for the win. Such a beautiful restaurant! Great place, always crowded and lovely menu. I had my first and last meal in Barcelona at Flax & Kale. The first time I ate there I had breakfast with a fresh coco masala chai, a tofu-veggie wrap, and a cappuccino. They sell a wide range of Teresa’s Juicery at Flax & Kale, which makes it even harder to decide which kind of drink you want with your fancy breakfast. Also, during the weekends they serve brunch as well. Hello lazy Sundays in sunny Barcelona with pancakes, fruit cocktails, and grilled veggies. I came back on my last evening in Barcelona and had dinner for two. Me and my notebook, near the window. Writing down my rhymes I created in my head that day. And once again, I enjoyed the great food that Flax & Kale has to offer. When you’re in Barcelona, do not forget to visit this place. But make sure to make a reservation, since it’s such a popular location.

Monday – Friday 9.30 am – 11.30 pm | Saturday – Sunday 10 am – 11.30 pm


At Teresa’s they display all their juices in the window. So whenever you walk by, you won’t be able to help yourself and walk in and choose a drink without being thirsty. At least that’s what I did. And I ended up ordering a gluten free burger with a freshly made green juice AND white-pink chocolate for dessert. Yep, I had lunch twice that day.

And all vegan of course. It’s a small venue located in the city center, but perfect when you’re on a shopping spree and looking for a quick bite. Besides the wide range of juices, they also have a wide range of desserts. And most of them are vegan. Even gluten-free options can be found here. I enjoyed every second of my soy – cheeseburger with mango topping. But if you’re looking for avocado toast, açai bowls, or just a portion of fries.

This location has it all. Healthy indulgences all day, every day!

| Monday – Sunday | 10 am – 11.30 pm |

Gelati Dino Barceloneta

Hola chicas, hola chicas, caliente eh? I will never not like watching people. Whether they are trying to sell discoloured bad towels at the Barcelona beach boulevard, failing at flirting with strangers, acting like they own a scooter until the actual owner shows up, or seeing a group of girls take up their pace because a stranger keeps yelling chica while holding discoloured bad towels and almost kick over a scooter.

Yeah, sunshine makes some people act like they could use something to cool down. Luckily you can find several ice cream spots in the area. One of these spots is the Gelati Dino Barceloneta. Near the beach, big scoops for €2 and great staff. They have a wide range of sorbet ice cream and even vegan chocolate, pistachio, and hazelnut ice cream!

Just as creamy as I remember pistachio ice cream used to be 🍨. Take a break from the heat and the beach when you’re in Barca, and kick back while eating your ice cream while watching the peeps trying to swoon over the tourists, and polishing their flirting techniques.

Monday – Sunday 12 pm – 12 am

Veggie Garden

Realizing that even for restaurant owners, the holiday season can be a season to take a holiday 😉, I ended up at Veggie garden since some other places nearby were closed. I was craving something spicy and luckily they had a couple of options on the menu. But then again, they had a lot of options.

Like a lot. Seriously, the widest menu in food and drinks I’ve seen during my whole holiday. I became that annoying person who took way too long to make a decision. And I used to work in service, so I know when things can get annoying 😋. Besides the many options in starters, mains, cold, warm, shared & different cuisines, you can also decide to the daily menu. Every day the same price, every day new options.

I took a green detox-ish juice and a spicy soya mixture with fresh veggies. It was really good, spicy but not too much and very filling. I couldn’t finish the whole bowl, so whatever was left, I took it with me and eat it at the beach a few hours later. And if you want to take all your food with you to the beach, that’s an option that’s possible too. 

Swing by when you’re in the neighborhood, you will have new food-cooking inspiration for days after seeing the menu.

| Monday – Sunday 12.30 pm – 11.30 pm |

The Federal Cafe

Walking around the university area in Barcelona after coming back from my morning hike I came across this corner spot cafe. Or maybe I was walking in circles, I don’t know. I love to explore each city and village I visit on foot, and as long as it’s still daylight, I rarely check Google Maps. I’ll use it when I need to find my way back home ;).

With the countless sunny days that Barcelona offers each year, Federal cafe makes sure you’re able to enjoy the warm breeze whenever you’re seated here. Since it’s a corner spot, both sides can be opened up. This allows you to enjoy your ice coffee in the window while watching life pass by and share a nice chat with the locals.

Monday – Friday 05.30 am – 11 pm | Weekend 6 am – 11 pm

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