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(co) working cafes and restaurants in Canggu.

(co) working cafes and restaurants in Canggu.

Whether you’re a digital nomad, a writer with a travel addiction, searching for co-work cafes to keep yourself focused or can’t fully enjoy your holiday in Bali since being an entrepreneur means you have to keep your business running 24/7.. Canggu offers many, and I really mean MANY spots to sit down with either your laptop or note block and get some work done.

Below a few of my favorites that I visited while staying in Bali last November. And as I am planning the rest of 2020, and so the rest of my trips, I think I’ll be back visiting this beautiful island somewhere in the upcoming 12 months. I’m also in the middle of finalizing a shortlist with easy-going cafes in Ubud, seriously, put it on your list.

Canggu is one of the most popular places to visit, due to several cafes that are able to offers really good WiFi. I’m looking forward to uploading a shortlist with nice cafes and restaurants to write & send emails from at the end of the year that was in a city with a lot less chaos, yet perfect WiFi and of course located in Bali. If you have any tips, feel free to share by leaving a comment behind. Otherwise, till the next Travel & Write shortlist :).

Human Bean, Pererenan, Canggu

Ok, kicking off with hands down my favorite spot in Canggu to start your early morning, wake up with delicious coffee, and enjoy the best smoothie bowls; Human Bean. I visited this spot almost daily while trying to live on a budget (oeeeepss 🙈), but then again the prices vs. quality are perfect. Plus, such good service, truly amazing staff.

Nice to see that the women working in services started to recognize you and showed a little more interest in how your day was going, instead of only saying hello and handing you the menu. Oh, don’t forget to try the mango smoothie, fried rice with tofu, and rainbow wrap. Must-tries when you’re seated here.

Pererenan is a neighborhood that still has the quietness of Bali, yet the busyness of Canggu and beach parties around the corner. Which makes it a perfect spot to work behind your laptop.

OPEN DAILY | 7 AM – 10:30 PM

La Brisa, Echo Beach, Canggu

I’m not a big fan of big beach clubs, especially the exclusive ones. But I had to add La Brisa to this shortlist. For starters, you don’t have to pay any entree fee, many other places do. It’s located in the middle of Echo beach, which makes it a perfect spot to watch the sunset.

Mornings are quiet, so bringing either your laptop or note blocks to get some writing done, this is your spot. Plus, the place is amazing, the team that makes the La Brisa experience so amazing is really friendly, it’s insta-proof for sure, and it has so many corners, levels, pools, and a nice bar to either sit or lay down and chill.

Oh, the prices are really reasonable, nothing crazy expensive, with a delicious menu attached.

OPEN DAILY | 7 AM – 11:45 PM

Zin cafe, Canggu

This is yet another cafe that is located on a street filled with venues to work behind your laptop, enjoy either the summer breeze or air conditioning due to the open setting, and organize meetups.

If you want to organize a co-working lunch or dinner, make sure to make a reservation beforehand, since Zin is a popular spot among many digital nomads. With brand marked coconuts, sweet juices, and big vegan burgers, Zin made sure to create a nice and open ambiance for you to sit and relax the easiness that is living and working in Canggu, Bali.


Dojo Bali Coworking, Canggu

Dojo is one of the most popular spots to sit down and work, hence why I added it to the list. You must know that you need to have a membership to even sit down here and open up your laptop, but in return, you’ll be seated at a coworking space with the best and fastest internet you can find in Canggu.

They have private areas for Skype/Zoom calls, private rooms for presentations, and organize many events for you to connect and learn from others. While I was staying in Bali last November, they organized the first edition of ‘Fuck’up night Canggu’, which allowed me to connect with other interesting individuals.

The event night itself offered a platform for self-made millionaires/entrepreneurs that might be successful right now but reminded you that they failed and fuck up many things beforehand. Reassuring you that that’s the only way to succeed and grow. Check out their Instagram or website to stay up-to-date with their agenda.


Milu by Nook, Canggu

It truly amazed me that Canggu is filled with so many cafes, restaurants, and bars with the most amazing decors. I mean, I know life is a little cheaper in comparison with Amsterdam. But I was constantly surprised by all the spots that I passed while seated on the back of my GoJek scooter.

Milu by Nook is yet another place that is instant Instagram proof. The menu filled with delicious juices, smoothie bowls, and tasty salad with the best-fried tempeh! And it has beautiful spots to organize your own meetups or get some work done on either the many big tables, chilling in fancy lounge chairs, or crawl away in a comfy spot in the corner.

The garden is located next to green rice fields and apart from the landowners walking their round scarring of birds while making noise 😆, such a quiet venue. It’s located near many other digital nomad proof spots, so mark this one in google maps and try out other cafes once you’re in the area again.


Warung Kezia, Perenanan, Canggu

Another hidden treasure in Perenanan, Canggu. By far the best curry in Canggu, maybe even in Bali 😉. The menu is crazy cheap, meals are big (I couldn’t finish my curry as much as I wanted to), and the spot.. I mean, come on!

Next to a few rice fields, about a 10 min walk from Echo Beach, this outside garden restaurant with also a cafe for breakfast brings a home/cozy setting to life. It’s such a laid-back atmosphere and a nice spot to sit down to either work or have dinner. And if you have dinner, arrive about half an hour before sunset.

The setting and views are even more romantic at that moment and make dinner in the dark while surrounded by lights even more memorable.


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