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Chapter 2 | Turning into a cat lady

Chapter 2 | Turning into a cat lady

Growing up without pets, I never imagined that I would become so fond of them when I got older. Because of my dad being allergic to animals, I spent most of my childhood staring at Angelfish and mimicking our pink Kissing Gourami by kissing the aquarium, which stood in our living room for years. These fish were the closest thing to pets that I could get. Sure, there were signs of my love for cats when I was still a young kid, playing with all of the cats at my mother’s friend’s house whenever we visited her and her family. I remember wishing I could take one home and cuddle with him all night. There was one cat in particular that had me under his spell, the one who would look deep into your eyes whenever you called his name aloud. It was the cutest British Shorthair I’ve ever seen. I told myself then, may I ever get one of my own, this is the one I will get. But don’t all children love pets? And besides, what else is a kid supposed to play within a house full of cats, and no other children? No wonder that I was all over them if you ask me.

No, my love for cats definitely came much later when I met my boyfriend, or rather when I started dating my boyfriend. We only started dating after years of vaguely knowing each other through our mutual friend. He had many cats, but once again only one of them had me wrapped around her little finger. Although they weren’t that little, she was a Norwegian Forest Cat after all. Or as we learned recently, it could be a Siberian Cat too. We can’t be too sure. Nevertheless, she was the reason I fell in love with the Norwegian Forest Cat breed.

The real push for me having a red/white long-haired kitten running around the house, licking my nose, eating my hair, and trying to destroy my jewelry was an advertisement my best friend shared with me. Since she sent me the advertisement of the kitten she now owns, similar ones have been popping up on my screen every time I opened the Marktplaats application to see if someone was interested in my fatboy (they weren’t really, in case you were wondering). Days of looking at kitten advertisements followed, or was it weeks? Hard to tell. All of those cute kitten faces were haunting me, telling me I should have one of my own, asap. One day I came across one tiny diva, a tabby black/white cat who would lie down in front of the camera, being only two weeks old at the time. I fell in love right away.

But my boyfriend needed more persuasion than I anticipated, even though he was the biggest cat lover I knew, having been around them for almost his entire life. He was actually looking forward to some time living in a cat hair free house, without the smell of fresh cat poop passing by every now and then and finding cat gravel in every corner of the house, something that the cat put there like Hansel and Gretel did with their breadcrumbs. This was something I could totally relate to cause I wasn’t looking
forward to these aspects either. But as I mentioned before the cute kitten faces were still dancing around in my mind. And there was only one way to vanquish them.
Only days later that same advertisement came knocking on my door again, telling me that the poor diva was the only one left. All of her brothers and sisters were spoken for. I don’t really believe in signs, but for the sake of her cute face, I told myself that if there was such a thing, this was definitely one. But to make things even more complicated, we found another white/red cat that same evening which my boyfriend was really excited about. This one was a 100% Norwegian Forest Cat with his pointy long ears and his beautiful long hair. We simply couldn’t decide between the two, so we took the redhead home the next day while putting a reservation on the little diva, who was too young to leave the nest and had to be picked up later. I know what you’re thinking, what were we getting ourselves into?

Although raising a small kitten is a lot of work, we laugh our balls off most of the time at how goofy our cat can be. There were two small moments though, where I wished we had waited a while longer to get a cat, or to just postpone it into, well.. .never. One of these moments was when I was lying in bed and had just turned down the lights. The bastard started attacking the back of my head by launching himself onto it, paws first, 5 times in a row, all within a time frame of 2 short minutes. And how can I forget the time when he enthusiastically woke me up at 5 am in the morning by licking my nose, my cheeks, my neck and by nibbling on my ear over and over again until I threw him out of the room (don’t worry I don’t really throw him) and he starts crying and scratching the recently painted door, which pains me a lot. Just as much as it pains me when he hangs onto the couch with his knife hands (love to exaggerate) to pull himself onto the couch. Fun times as you can imagine. And while this all sounds like minor troubles, it can be very frustrating when you’re trying to get a good night of sleep. Especially when you NEED those 8 hours to function, like I do.

But his cute face after a restless night of sleep, waiting for me to get out of the shower, urging me to pick him up to cuddle, makes the pain of the night before going away in an instant. I don’t want to go as far as comparing him to a child but it truly feels like he’s my baby. The love that I feel for this creature is unbelievable. And thinking about it the resemblances between the two are huge too: he cries for food all the time, crawls into my chest, poops like crazy and can even be cradled to sleep. The last one only happened once, but I will never forget it. And of course, can be naughty as hell. Maybe it’s just me, caring for a cat for the first time ever, not having experienced owning a cutie like him before and all the joys and love that come with it. I can’t wait until the end of the week when we can bring pussycat number two back home and love her to death too. Hoping the two will get along just fine and that our 5 weeks older cat won’t show her what all the corners of the house look like and how it feels to be scratched by his sharp nails. Cause damn those things are sharp as hell.

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