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Where to write, sit down and enjoy a buena meal while staying in Valencia.

Where to write, sit down and enjoy a buena meal while staying in Valencia.

Valencia was initially my first-holiday idea after finding out online how many vegan restaurants there were located in the city. Jep, that’s how I plan my holiday these days. Anyway, I found a great place to stay and a cheap flight and thought what the heck. I’m going. Then I figured I couldn’t visit Spain and being so close to Barcelona without going there, so after Valencia, I continued my traveling journey towards Barca. Oh, and before all that I bought a ticket for the Leeds festival. So that’s why I visited London and Manchester since both cities were (again) on top of my list. Logical right? In the chaos that is called my mind, it was, ha.

But back to Valencia. First time visiting and loved it. The weather was great, even rain in Spain isn’t a bad thing when you’re surrounded by the beauty that is called Spanish culture. I stayed in El Carmen, and there were many great restaurants just around the corner. Loved the sandy beach, better and more relaxed compared to Barcelona. And all the people were as friendly and polite as any person can be while living in a city with way too many sunny days (a bit jealous, not gonna lie). I walked around a lot, enjoyed the nature and the view. And I was able to just kick back and relax for the first time in a very long time. I wrote a lot, shopped a bit, and ate my way through my 7 day stay in Valencia. Below are a few places, I visited. Dahm, I should’ve asked people if they wanted to become my friend..I need a reason to go back immediately 😋. Have you ever been to Valencia before? Love to hear about your story, please share in a comment below 😃.

Belleza, belleza, belleza..


On my first day in Valencia, while walking thru on of the main streets of El Carmen (Carrer dels Cavallers), I found Aloha on my way to the supermarket. Turned out the place is completely vegan and almost everything on the menu is organic. So aloha indeed. I took a menu with me, tried to read the dahm thing on my way to the supermarket and went back. Aloha serves great hamburgers with a proper portion of chips and real good mayonnaise. Combine it with a freshly made smoothie, juice and/or acai bowl and dinner is ready to go. They also serve several good-looking (cheese)cakes, including a sweet-fresh peach cheesecake. All the cakes are made by a friend of the owner, and everyday they serve different flavours. The place is small which makes plugging in your laptop a bit hard, but the takeaway is no hay problema. Plus, there are cute little sitting areas just around the corner. So when the weather allows it, enjoy your meal in one of those spots. Aloha is open every day, all afternoon, even during siesta hours.

OPEN DAILY | 12 PM – 11:30 PM


RAWffee is one of those places you will find while just walking around the city, getting lost without being lost and realize you haven’t had anything to eat the whole morning. Located in a quiet street just outside the city center, which makes it a perfect spot to get a few hours of work for your business done. You can find many locals visiting this spot, yet it’s not too noisy to focus on yourself . Clean place, beautiful venue and there are a few veggie options on the lunch and dinner menu. Many fresh smoothie/juices though! Make sure you order at the bar. Otherwise you have to chill out and relax, listen to the music, watch strangers passing by and breath in the addictive Valencian air before on of the friendly staff members take your order (whoeeepss).


Heladería La Nocciola Toscana

This place. 11/10. Here you can find traditional ice cream. Many sorbet options and a very friendly staff. With a few lounge chairs to chill out, enjoy the summer breeze, and listen to the Spanish conversations. Heladería La Nocciola is your place to be for the best ice cream in Valencia. This clean, bright, and quiet spot can be found just around the corner of El Carmen plaza/boulevard. I went back 3 times trying out many flavours including mango, melon and raspberry (please try!). And since this is a corner spot, with an open-setting approach, it makes it a good spot to cool down a little and spend an hour or two working on your emails and try out the ice cream flavours. Life can be a bitch, treat yourself! And why not better with a diverse and tasteful ice cream menu within arms reach ;)?


Be Green Salad Company

After a few hours of shopping, I found Be Green by accident. They have a few vegan salads on the menu, but everything else can be veganized. Or you can mix and match your own. Besides the salads you can order several cakes, healthy sweets, fresh juices, cold drinks and coffees. All can be consumed in- or outside the restaurant, or wrapped up as a take away like I did and have a perfect lunch near the pond closeby. Be Green is located in the city center, same street as RAWffee. It also has a nice big sitting area indoors, so to keep that writing going while eating a nice fresh salad, make this your spot.

MONDAY-FRIDAY 8.30 AM – 8.30 PM | SATURDAY 9.30 AM – 8.30 PM

Almalibre Açaí Bar

Ok. So I don’t know what else they put into the açaí bowls at the Almalibre Bar, but their bowls were amazing. Maybe it’s the sunny weather, maybe the beautiful venue, maybe all above. But so far I haven’t managed to recreate the acai bowl flavour since being back home in Amsterdam. Needless to say, I strongly appeal to visit this place and try it for yourself. I visited the restaurant 3 times and enjoyed the açaí bowls and smoothies every time as I was going through emails and wrote a few nice short stories. You can mix and match the recipes for the bowls and smoothies or even create your own from scratch. They also offer a snack menu including nachos during the siesta hours. And they are open in the evening serving several burgers and salads. Great place, visit this bright and laid-back stop when you’re in town.

TUESDAY – THURSDAY 10.00 AM – 7 PM | FRIDAY – SATURDAY 10.00 AM – 11.00 PM

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